The ride of the Motorcycle Critic 001

Hey guys! I'm the Motorcycle critic. I love food. I love to drive. I live in Bangalore. This is my first food review I went to Vidyaranyapura. To Coffee Day to be precise. I was craving for some caffeine. So I hopped in. There wasn't any customers except for one business group. Man weren't they noisy. I stepped up to the cashier and asked if they have a menu. Which they did. But it was tattered and tearing at the folds. I was not pleased with that. There was no music it was like a funera

The ride of the Motorcycle Critic 002

Hey guys! This is me, The Motorcycle Critic. I think it's time for another adventure. I decided to ride through the city this one day. Suddenly I felt hungry. I checked my Google maps and saw that Mantri Mall was just a few kilometres away. So I drove to Mantri mall. After some window shopping, I finally reached the Food court on the top floor. I was ravenous by then. I was thinking. "What should I eat?". Finally I stopped by California Burrito. I scanned through the menu like any patron would.

Online Apps for JEE

Ali has just finished his last exam in 12th standard board exams. He's always been passionate about Engineering. So, his brother advised him to apply for IIT Delhi. IITs are the most prestigious colleges for Engineering in India. To get in, he needs to write the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). He can't afford to join a coaching class as his family is poor. So he decides to use the Internet to study.He is astonished by the amount of information he found. It took weeks for him to find the materials and question papers he needed to study. The exam was less than three weeks away. He has no time to test what he's learnt during. He doesn't think he can pass the exam.What can Ali do to optimise his studying time for the JEE? Should he visit a library? Maybe she should put in more hours of study into his schedule? Perhaps, he should ask his brother for money to join a coaching class?

How to Launch a Bug Free App

The year is 2041, and humans are embarking on its first spaceflight to Saturn's largest moon; Titan. The commander orders the ship to land on the moon's surface. The ship's AI computer obliges while performing millions of mathematical calculations to ensure a smooth and easy landing with no casualties.In this case, the ship's landing software is a bug-free application. It doesn't malfunction, crash or need to be rebooted. As a bug in vital software like this could be catastrophic to the human lives on the spaceship.

COVID 19 and International Students

n the closing months of 2019, a new wave of unexplained illness swept the city of Wuhan, China. Patients showed flu symptoms that could not be remedied by any existing antivirals. In extreme cases, patients complained of difficulties in breathing and exhibited signs of pneumonia.It's been several months since the dawn of this new pandemic. Further, the virus has swept across the globe and claimed over two hundred thousand lives and infected over three million more.COVID 19 has impacted the lives of people everywhere in the world. Students and teachers, the rich and the poor. It has been particularly hard for international students who live and study away from their home countries.

Internet of Things (IoT)

What is it? It is a network of devices which are connected to a network which allows it to be controlled remotely using the internet. This is not just possible on traditional devices such as a desktop, phone or tablet but almost any electronic device such as a TV or even lighting systems as they are embedded with technologies which connect them to the internet and be monitored or controlled. The Term “Internet of Things” was first used by Kevin Ashton from in Proctor and Gamble which evolved a